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Complete Generic Phylogenetic Tree for all Seed Plants

Producing an rbcL sequence for every genus of seed plants

This project seeks to produce an rbcL sequence for every genus of seed plants. We have been unable to identify a single source of funding for this project so it has been progressing as elements of other projects. Thus far, we have covered nearly all monocots (orchids and grasses are the major gaps), primitive angiosperms, and gymnosperms. Many eudicots have been sequenced, but 50% remain to be treated. An example of how we this project interacts synergistically is the Darwin-funded project to develop a DNA Bank for the Flora of South Africa, from which we added 400 genera to the total. We will continue to attempt to find external funding for this project, but until we secure such funding, progress may be slow.

Project partners and collaborators

South Africa
South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), Cape Town
University of Johannesburg
University of Florida

Project team

Jodrell Laboratory
Mark Chase, Michael Fay, Vincent Savolainen
Science Teams: