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CBD Capacity Building

A suite of initiatives which help build, within Kew, and in Kew’s national and international partners the capacity to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity and related protocols and agreements.
The winners in a CoP simulation during CITES & CBD training!

This project comprises a suite of initiatives to help build capacity among scientists, horticulturists and those directly involved with implementation of the work under the CBD - to understand and comply with CBD provisions and national laws by providing training and training materials.
These initiatives are carried out at Kew and at national and international levels. The outputs of this project include the design and delivery of:

  • flexible training modules at Kew to international diploma course students, UK-based MSc/BSc courses, Kew staff and students. These involve a mix of lectures, interactive discussion exercises and/or role-plays, on the CBD and related issues such as access and benefit-sharing (ABS), and the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). Modules have also been delivered at the International University of Andalucía and the Eden Project;
  • a presentation pack specifically designed to introduce people working with botanical collections to the CBD. The pack provides basic information on all of the most relevant parts of the CBD for botanical institutions and places particular focus on the CBD’s provisions on ABS. The pack includes PowerPoint slides and suggested speaker’s notes, with a more detailed resources section, containing useful links and further reading. It also contains the text of the CBD and is currently being updated to include the Nagoya Protocol on ABS. It is designed to be a flexible training tool, readily adaptable by speakers for particular audiences, but can also be read for practical guidance on implementation. It was first launched as the CBD for Botanists at Eurogard III conference and at AETFAT in 2003. It is the final outcome of a Darwin Initiative grant awarded to the team. Hard copies and a CD-ROM were produced in English, Spanish and French and the pack is available to download free from the Kew website. The pack was updated in CD-ROM format in 2006 entitled Biodiversity Conventions for Botanists and a further update was published in 2009 as Biodiversity Conventions and Checklists for Botanists. Further updates will be published on the web and on CD-ROM;
  • an updated KewNet Staff Guide on Collecting, Use and Supply of Genetic Resources providing user-friendly guidance on CBD implementation procedures at Kew, key departmental contacts, standard documents, CBD background and useful links; and,
  • presentations at international meetings and project workshops on ABS and Kew implementation to raise awareness by professionals and students.

This programme is closely linked to CITES Capacity Building and is ongoing with funding coming from a range of sources.

Key papers published since 2006

  • Conventions and Policy Section. (2006). Biodiversity Conventions for Botanists. CD-ROM. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Conventions and Policy Section. (2009). Biodiversity Conventions and Checklists for Botanists. CD-ROM. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Ali, N. (Ed.) (2009). Global Strategy – Kew and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Clubbe, C., Gold, K. & Griggs, P. (2008). Growing Expertise for Plant Conservation. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Clubbe, C., Hamilton, M. & Corcoran, M. (2010). Using the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation to guide conservation implementation in the UK Overseas Territories. Kew Bull. 65: 509-517.

Project partners and collaborators


-CBD Secretariat
-Consortium of Scientific Partners
-Range of country partners and partners in the UK Overseas Territories, ranging from governmental organizations to non-governmental groups, botanic gardens and conservation bodies.

Annex material

CBD presentation pack

This presentation pack provides basic information on the CBD for botanical institutions. It focuses on the issue of ‘access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing’, and its practical implications. 

Introduction to CBD for people working with botanical collections

Project Department

Project Leader: