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British Club and Coral Fungi: a Textbook on the British and Irish Clavarioid and Ramarioid Fungi (Basidiomycota)

A comprehensive treatment of British club and coral mushrooms, including keys, descriptions, and treatments of all known species.

Clavaria zollingeri, an attractive coral fungus that is widespread but scarce in Britain, occurring in old and unimproved grassland

Work is underway to research and publish an authoritative, illustrated reference book on the clavarioid and ramarioid fungi of the British Isles using traditional and modern molecular data to inform their classification. No current or previous text exists for this group of fungi in Britain, or indeed in Europe.

Provisionally titled British Club and Coral Fungi, the book will be the next in a series of Kew publications on British and Irish fungi, which currently include 1) British Truffles, 2) British Puffballs, Earthstars and Stinkhorns, and 3) British Chanterelles and Tooth Fungi. The new book will provide keys, with descriptions and illustrations, to all British species of Clavaria, Clavulina, Clavulinopsis, Ramaria, Ramariopsis, Typhula, and many minor genera, covering over 100 species. A novel aspect of this book will be the inclusion of molecular data into the recognition of species limits, application of correct names and synonymies, and phylogenetic classification of the British clavarioid and ramarioid fungi.

The target audience includes conservationists (for whom the clavarioid fungi are important indicator species for assessing the value of old pastures and grasslands), researchers into ectomycorrhizas (found in the genera Clavulina and Ramaria and possible other genera), taxonomists, regional and county recorders, students and interested field mycologists.

Project team

Herbarium, Library, Art, & Archives

Bryn Dentinger, Peter Roberts (retired), Brian Spooner (retired)

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