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An Atlas of the World’s Conifers - COMPLETED

A new atlas of the world’s conifers is being prepared for publication later this year containing an analysis of their distribution, biogeography, diversity and conservation status
Distribution of all conifer species in South America

Making use of the most comprehensive herbarium specimen database on conifers compiled in the BRAHMS software developed at the University of Oxford, the Atlas will include distribution maps and biogeographical detail for all conifer taxa from family to infra-specific taxa. Patterns of distribution and diversity are extensively discussed and the Atlas contains many photographs of species in their natural habitat. Phylogenetic analyses and the fossil record are referred to where available to explain these patterns.

All data points used in the Atlas are based on a dataset of 36,800 verified herbarium specimen records and these data will be available as a related research resource on the Conifer website. The Atlas Project is on-going, in collaboration with Denis Filer (BRAHMS) at the University of Oxford.

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