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Anatomy of the Monocotyledons

A monographic reference work providing data on vegetative anatomy in a comprehensive range of monocotyledons
The nine volumes of Anatomy of the Monocotyledons published.


The monographic volume series Anatomy of the Monocotyledons was initiated by Charles Metcalfe, former Keeper of the Jodrell Laboratory, as a companion to the Anatomy of the Dicotyledons volume series. Following Metcalfe’s retirement, Mary Gregory and David Cutler subsequently took over as editors; they have continued to perform this role since their retirements from the core staff (in 1992 and 1999, respectively). Individual volumes authored by contributors from around the world are edited at Kew.

The series focuses on providing detailed comparative descriptions of vegetative anatomy (leaf, petiole, stem, wood and sometimes root, rhizome, bulbil and tuber) arranged in a systematic context using up-to-date classifications. Descriptions are supplemented by illustrations including line drawings, and since 1982, light and scanning electron micrographs. Relevant literature is reviewed, supported by the Plant Micromorphology Bibliographic Database. In some volumes, a summary of diagnostic characters is included.

All volumes to date have been published by Oxford University Press (OUP). The first volume (1960) covered Poaceae (Gramineae), and most recently (volume 9; 2003), Acoraceae and Araceae. No books have been published since the 2003 volume on Araceae, but a book proposal was submitted to OUP in August 2011 for volume 10 (Orchidaceae; lead author: Stern). Other planned volumes include Asparagales and Liliales (lead author: Cutler), Pandanales (lead author: Behnke) and commelinid monocots (lead author: Simpson).

The value of the project is that it utilises Kew’s unrivalled resources in living plant material, library and bibligraphic databases, and international connections to produce a reference work.


Project partners and collaborators


Nanuza L. de Menezes (Universidade do Sao Paulo) (Velloziaceae)


H.-D. Behnke (University of Heidelberg) (Pandanales)


Alec M. Pridgeon (Kew Sainsbury orchid fellow stationed in Florida)


Robert Faden (Smithsonian Institution, Washington) (Commelinaceae)

Mike Simpson (San Diego State University, California) (Haemodoraceae)

William L. Stern (University of Florida) (orchids)

Dennis Stevenson (New York Botanical Garden) (US series editor)

Project team

Herbarium, Library, Art & Archives

Alec Pridgeon (Sainsbury Orchid Fellow)

Jodrell Laboratory

David Cutler (Honorary Research Fellow), Mary Gregory (Honorary Research Fellow), Anna Lynch,

Project Leader: