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Wood, John R. I.

Job title: 

Honorary Research Associate

Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives
Foreign languages: 

Spanish, Arabic (basic), French and German.

Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BA (Hons), Univiversity of Cambridge, 1966.
  • MA, University of Cambridge, 1969.
  • PGCE, London Univiversity, 1970.
  • MA, Reading Univiversity, 1981.
  • Cert Manag, Wolverhampton University, 1996.

Taxonomy of Acanthaceae (especially Strobilanthes), Labiatae (especially Salvia, Lepechinia); floristics, plant distribution patterns and conservation in Bolivia.

John has a long-term interest in the taxonomy of Labiatae and especially Acanthaceae with recent involvement in the Convolvulaceae project at Oxford. Within Acanthaceae his principal interest is in Strobilanthes worldwide, but also strong interests in other genera, notably Justicia, Dicliptera, Stenostephanus and Dyschoriste. He has been collaborating with Robert Scotland (University of Oxford) and colleagues in a series of papers related to the systematics and taxonomy of Strobilanthes and its allies, and also from 2011 in the Convolvulaceae. In the Labiatae John's principal interests are in Neotropical Salvia, Clinopodium and Lepechinia. At the country level his principal interest is in Bolivia, with some interest in Arabia. In Bolivia John has co-ordinated a Darwin project from 2007-11 involved in taxonomy, training and conservation awareness raising with some follow-up activities planned for 2012. John also has a growing interest in the total flora of the country, including the taxonomy of groups with high levels of endemism and/or taxonomic challenge, e.g. Tecoma (Bignoniaceae), Convolvulaceae, Polygala and Malvaceae.

Selected publications: 

Wood, J. R. I. (ed.) (2011). Guía Darwin de las plantas de los cerrados de la Chiquitania. Museo de Historia Natural 'Noel Kempff Mercado', Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Bebber, D. P., Carine, M. A., Wood, J. R. I., Wortley, A. H., Harris, D. J., Prance, G. H., Davidse, G., Paige, J., Pennington, T. D., Robson, N. K. & Scotland, R. W. (2010). Herbaria are a major frontier for species discovery. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 107(51): 22169 – 22171.

Mamani, F., Pozo, P., Soto, D., Villarroel, D. & Wood, J. R. I. (ed.) (2010). Libro Rojo de las Plantas de Los Cerrados del Oriente Boliviano. Museo de Historia Natural, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Wood, J. R. I. (2007). The Salvias (Lamiaceae) of Bolivia. Kew Bull. 62(2): 177 – 222.

Wood, J. R. I. (2006). Inter-Andean dry valleys of Bolivia – Floristic affinities and patterns of endemism. In: R. T. Pennington, G. P. Lewis & J. Ratter (eds), Neotropical Savannas and Seasonally Dry Forests. Syst. Assoc. Special Volume No. 69.