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Wilkinson, Hazel

Job title: 

Honorary Research Fellow

Jodrell Laboratory
Honorary Research Associate- Micromorphology
Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons), Univ. Leicester, 1961
  • PhD, London Univ., 1971.
  • Hon. member, International Association of Wood Anatomists.

Systematic plant anatomy, especially of dicotyledons and Tertiary paleobotany.

Principal foci are systematic dicotyledon anatomy, especially micromorphology of leaf surfaces (as an ongoing major contributor to the series ‘Anatomy of the Dicotyledons’), Thymelaeaceae (41 genera, c. 4 more to do, SEM micrographs and diagrams to be assembled); and palaeobotany, particularly Tertiary (Eocene, London Clay).

Selected publications: 

Wilkinson, H.P. (2007). Leaf teeth in certain Salicaceae and 'Flacourtiaceae'. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 155 (2): 241-256.

Wilkinson, H. & Culham, A. (2007). Menispermaceae. In Heywood, V.H., Brummitt, R.K., Culham, A. & Seberg, O. (eds) Flowering Plant Families of the World. Kew, UK: RBG, Kew. 211-212.

Wilkinson, H.P. & Wanntorp, L. (2007). Gunneraceae. In Kubitzki, K. (ed.) The Families and Genera of Flowering Plants. Vol. 9. Flowering Plants. Eudicots: Berberidopsidales, Buxales, Crossosomatales, Fabales p.p., Geraniales, Gunnerales, Myrtales p.p., Proteales, Saxifragales, Vitales, Zygophyllales, Clusiaceae Alliance, Passifloraceae Alliance, Dilleniaceae, Huaceae, Picramniaceae, Sabiaceae. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. 177-183.