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Whaley, Oliver

Photo of Oliver Whaley
Job title: 

Project Staff: Latin America Projects Officer, Habitat Restoration & Livelihoods

Natural Capital and Plant Health
Foreign languages: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BTech, Chelsea School of Art, 1989.
  • AdCert, Plant Ecology and Environmental Science, Univ. London (Birkbeck), 2002.
  • MSc, Environmental Science, Univ. London (Birkbeck), 2004.

Biodiversity studies, community-based conservation, habitat restoration, sustainable use and livelihoods programmes in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Oliver's current research is focused on the threatened dry forests and flora of arid southern Peru, with a particular focus on Huarango (Prosopis spp.) forest relics. His activities include: native tree planting programmes, reforestation initiatives, sustainable use of forest products, crosscutting environmental engagement, establishment of protected areas and community education and capacity-building.

Oliver's ongoing research publications include: Flora of South West Peru, historical ecology and bio-archaeology of SW Peru, insect plagues of Prosopis tree species, Prosopis taxonomy, and techniques for forest restoration.

Selected publications: 

Cadwallader, L., Beresford-Jones, D. G., Whaley O. Q., O’Connell T. C. (2012). The Signs of Maize? A Reconsideration of What δ13C Values Say about Palaeodiet in the Andean Region. Human Ecology 40 (4): 487-509.

Whaley, O. Q., Beresford-Jones, D., Milliken, W., Orellana, A., Smyk, A. & Leguia, J. (2011). An ecosystem approach to restoration and sustainable management of dry forest in southern Peru. Kew Bulletin 65(4): 613 – 641. DOI: 10.1007/s12225-010-9235 Available online

Beresford-Jones, D., Whaley, O., Alarcón, C. & Cadwallader, L. (2011). Two millennia of changes in human ecology: archaeobotanical and invertebrate records from the Lower Ica Valley, south coast Peru. Veg. Hist. Archaeobot. 20(4): 273 – 292.

Whaley, O. Q., Quinteros, Q., Álvarez, H., Borda, C., Tenorio, M., Pérez, E., Pecho, O., Orellana, A., Salvatierra, F. & Gómez, C. (2010). Sembrando un futuro - Restauración y manejo sostenible de los bosques y la naturaleza de Ica, Perú. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Beresford-Jones, D. G., Arce Torres, S., Whaley, O. Q. & Chepstow-Lusty, A. J. (2009).The role of Prosopis in ecological and landscape change in the Samaca Basin, lower Ica Valley, south coast Peru from the Early Horizon to the Late Intermediate Period. Latin Amer. Antiq. 20: 303 – 332.