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Sitch, John

Job title: 

Team Leader Jodrell Glass

Horticulture, Kew Gardens
Great Glasshouses & Training
Qualifications and appointments: 

City and Guilds in Horticulture Stage 1 & 2


Cultivation of various Lamiaceae genera.

The most significant group in the collection is Plectranthus; other genera include Ocimum, Hyptis, Teucrium, Thorncroftia, Pycnostachys, Pogostemon, and Tetradenia. Most of these can be successfully cultivated from cuttings or seed. The collections are used by Dr Alan Paton and colleagues in the Herbarium for vouchering, verifying and cut flowers or whole plants for Educational use for external/internal student training sessions. 26 accessions of Plectranthus have recently had name changes/updates. This again has been undertaken with the help of Dr Alan Paton. The collections here are also used for the support of work by Jodrell Laboratory staff, particularly that of Prof. Monique Simmonds, Dr Paula Rudall and Dr Renee Grayer. Green leaf material is also collected from time to time by these members of the Jodrell team plus visiting PhD students. This is to support work looking at compounds for pharmological properties and anti–insect activity. The Lamiaceae collections are also used for Educational purposes for Kew Diploma Horticultural Students, Interns and Rotational Trainees within the Horticulture and Public Education Dept.

Selected publications: