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Renvoize, Stephen A.

Job title: 

Honorary Research Fellow

Herbarium, Library Art and Archives
Honorary Research Fellow
Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc, Univ. London, 1969
  • MPhil, Univ. Reading 1977.

Global grass systematics, floristics and anatomy, special projects in South America, tropical Africa; Miscanthus; temperate Asian bamboos.

Floristic accounts for Flora of Tropical East Africa and Flora Zambesiaca, Aldabra, Brazil (Bahia & Parana), Bolivia and Ecuador. Monographic study of Brachiaria for a forage grass project in collaboration with CIAT (Colombia). Monographic study of Miscanthus for a biomass project in collaboration with ADAS and funded by Defra. Anatomical studies of all grass genera for Genera Graminum project and Flora of Australia project.

Selected publications: 

Norrmann, G., Hanson, L., Renvoize, S.A. & Leitch, I.J. (2004). Genomic relationships among diploid and hexaploid species of Andropogon (Poaceae). Genome 47(6): 1220-1224.

Hodkinson, T.R., Chase, M.W., Takahashi, C., Leitch, I.J., Bennett, M.D. & Renvoize, S.A. (2002). The use of DNA sequencing (ITS and trnL-F), AFLP, and fluorescent in situ hybridization to study allopolyploid Miscanthus (Poaceae). American Journal of Botany 89(2): 279-286.

Hodkinson, T.R., Chase, M.W., Lledó, M.D., Salamin, N. & Renvoize, S.A. (2002). Phylogenetics of Miscanthus, Saccharum and related genera (Saccharinae, Andropogoneae, Poaceae) based on DNA sequences from ITS nuclear ribosomal DNA and plastid trnL intron and trnL-F intergenic spacers. Journal of Plant Research 115: 381-392.

Renvoize, S.A. (2002). Grass anatomy. Flora of Australia 43(1): 71-132.

Hodkinson, T.R., Chase, M.W. & Renvoize, S.A. (2002). Characterization of a genetic resource collection for Miscanthus (Saccharinae, Andropogoneae, Poaceae) using AFLP and ISSR PCR. Annals of Botany 89(5): 627-636.