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Ramsay, Margaret M.

Job title: 

Conservation Biotechnologist

Conservation Biotechnology Unit
Joined Kew: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons), Botany Imperial College, London, 1982
  • MSc, Biotechnology, Univ. Central Lancashire, 1988.
  • Re-introduction Specialist & Bryophyte Specialist Groups, IUCN-SSC
  • Board, European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes (ECCB).

Development and application of conservation biotechnology techniques.

Developing and applying in vitro techniques to endangered plants. Provision of training, capacity-building and technical advice, both on and off site.

Ex situ conservation of threatened UK bryophytes, applying techniques developed by the project to increase the number of priority species initiated into aseptic culture and stored in cryopreservation.

Investigate germination and propagation techniques for Hydatellaceae species, developing reliable protocols and supplying plant material for comparative morphological, anatomical and evolutionary studies.

Development of novel methods of plant tissue culture for use in schools - demonstrating techniques to teachers, technicians, exam boards and developing resources for students.

Selected publications: 

Rowntree ,J., K. Pressel,S., Ramsay, M.M., Sabovljevic,A., Sabovljevic,M. (2011) In vitro conservation of European bryophytes. In Vitro Cell.Dev.Biol.—Plant (2011) 47:55–64

Rowntree J.K., Cowan R.S., Leggett M., Ramsay M.M. and Fay M.F. (2010) Which moss is which? Identification of the threatened moss Orthodontium gracile using molecular and morphological techniques. Conservation Genetics 11(3) 1033-1042

Rowntree J. K., and Ramsay M.M. (2009) How bryophytes came out of the cold: successful cryopreservation of threatened species. Biodiversity and Conservation 18: 1413-1420.

Rudall,P.J., Eldridge,T.,Tratt,J., Ramsay, M.M., Tuckett, R.E, Smith, S.Y., Collinson, M.E., Remizowa, M.V., Sokoloff, D.D. (2009) Seed Fertilization, development, and germination in Hydatellaceae(Nymphaeales): Implications for Endosperm evolution in early angiosperms. American Journal of Botany 96(9) 1581-1593

Sokoloff, D.D., Remizowa, M.V., MacFarlane, T.D., Tuckett, R.E, Ramsay, M.M., Beer, A.S., Yadov, S.R and Rudall, P.J. ( 2008) Seedling Diversity in Hydatellaceae: Implications for the evolution of Angiosperm Cotyledons Annals of Botany 101:153-164.