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Rajaovelona, Landy

KMCC Orchid Conservation Officer

Conservation Directorate
Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre (KMCC)
Malagasy (mother tongue), French and English

BSc, Univ. of Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2001

MSc, Univ. of Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2002

DEA, Univ. of Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2005

Madagascar Orchid Conservation
To work with the KMCC Species Conservation Officer to deliver the Madagascar Orchid Conservation Project and manage sub-projects focused on the conservation of particular endangered species, such as Angraecum longicalcar. The overall aim is to develop a conservation strategy for the 1000 species of orchids known from Madagascar, prioritising the most endangered species and liaising with conservation agencies. The target for ex-situ conservation is 500 species banked by the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership or preserved by cryopreservation at Kew. The role also involves undertaking botanical collecting and assisting with other KMCC projects. The wider aim is to develop cost effective models for species conservation with long-term and sustainable community participation.

Rajaovelona, L. & Rahantamalala, J. (2010). Sauver l’orchidée Angraecum longicalcar. Conservation International, Songadina 7: 3.


Rajaovelona, Landy