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Prychid, Christina J.

Job title: 

Electron Microscope Unit Manager

Joined Kew: 


Foreign languages: 

Basic French, basic Polish

Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons), Molecular Biophysics, University of Leeds
  • MSc, Crystallography, Universty of London (Birkbeck College).

Comparative and developmental anatomy and ultrastructural research; management of EM unit, visitors and staff; supervision and training.

Specialising in electron microscopy, current research work is focused on evaluating ultrastructural and structural characters of systematic and phylogenetic importance. Research work to date has covered two main areas: a) floral biology, including pollination studies, and ultrastructural work on reproductive structures in early diverging angiosperms, such as Trithuria (Hydatellaceae), and various monocots, as part of projects on early angiosperm evolution and monocot floral evolution and development and; b) formation, systematic distribution and utilisation of plant biominerals, such as calcium oxalate crystals and silicon dioxide aggregates – inorganic compounds that are formed to varying extents within specific cells and tissues in the vast majority of plants.

Selected publications: