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Pennington, Terence D. [Terry]

Job title: 

Honorary Research Fellow

Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives
Honorary Research Fellow
Foreign languages: 

Spanish, French

Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BA, Botany, Oxford Univiversity, 1960.
  • DPhil, Oxford Univ., 1965.

Taxonomy and floristics of tropical American trees; biodiversity of Amazonian rain forest; dendrological inventory; tree utilization in forestry/agro-forestry systems.

World generic studies have concentrated on Meliaceae, Sapotaceae and Inga, with later accounts of all the American species of these taxa. Floristic accounts have already been published for Nicaragua, Venezuelan Guyana, Peru, Ecuador and French Guiana, and are planned for other countries. The species revisions provide the basis for studies illustrating large-scale patterns of distribution and speciation. Work has also begun on a revision of Neotropical Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae). Morphological work on Inga has underpinned studies investigating the use of this genus in agro-forestry systems in tropical America, and it is now being used on a significant scale in some countries. Collaborative projects with researchers in the UK and overseas, using DNA to reconstruct hypothetical phylogenies, are now under way.

Selected publications: 

Pennington, T. D. & Muellner, A. N., (2010). A monograph of Cedrela (Meliaceae). dh Books, Milborne Port, Dorset.

Pennington, T. D., (2007). Sapotaceae In: G. Harling & C. Persson (ser. eds), Flora of Ecuador. vol. 152. Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Göteborg University, Sweden.

Reynel, C., Pennington, T. D., Pennington, R. T., Marcelo, J. L. & Daza, A. (2006). Arboles útiles del Ande Peruano. Tarea Gráfica Educativa, Peru.