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Lyons, Keith

Job title: 

Herbarium Specimen Packer

Biodiversity, Information and Economic Botany

9 years experience in the Collections Management Unit where we freeze, record, distribute and track all incoming/outgoing Herbarium specimen consignments (loans & gifts). We get specimens to where they are required for scientific research by specialists at Kew or partner institutes worldwide.

Packing outgoing Herbarium specimens.
Digital scanning of Herbarium specimens to support Herbarium teams and researchers worldwide.

Supporting the work of the CMU by:
- overseeing the arrival of parcels of Herbarium specimens
- preparing incoming material for freezing & distributing afterwards
- helping load/unload walk-in freezers
- listing scientific names of outgoing exchange specimens
Co-ordinating curatorial and stationery supplies for the Herbarium.
Responsibility for internal/external Herbarium & Library post.

Selected publications: