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Krieger, Jonathan

Aloe vera plant
Job title: 

Project Staff: Project Coordinator, Global Plants Initiative

Joined Kew: 


Foreign languages: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • Ph.D, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado-Boulder, 2007.
  • BSc, Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1993.

Project Coordinator, Global Plants Initiative.

Leadership and management of the Global Plants Initiative (GPI) type specimen digitization programme of the Kew herbarium. The role includes responsibility for ensuring the productivity and quality of data output by the GPI digitization team, support and training for partner organisations around the world, and liaison with the project funders and media partners (JSTOR Plant Science). The digitization of Kew’s herbarium specimen collections directly supports Kew’s Breathing Planet Programme key strategy 1 (BPP1) ‘Accelerating discovery and global access to plant and fungal diversity information’.

Selected publications: 

Krieger, J. (2014). The derivation of a geometric measure of leaf circularity, as a protocol for the creation of useful geometric shape metrics. Applications in Plant Sciences. Special Issue, Bioinformatic and Biometric Methods in Plant Morphology. In Press. Available online

MacLeod, N., Krieger, J. & Jones, K. (2013). Geometric morphometric approaches to acoustic signal analysis in mammalian biology. Hystrix 24(1): 110-125.

Figuerido, B., MacLeod, N. & Krieger, J. (2011). Constraint and adaptation in the evolution of carnivoran skull shape. Paleobiology 37(3): 490-518. Available online

Piazza, P., Bailey, C.D., Cartolano, M., Krieger, J., Cao, J., Ossowski, S., Schneeberger, K., He, F., de Meaux, J., Hall, N., MacLeod, N., Filatov, D., Hay, A., & Tsiantis, M. (2010). Arabidopsis thaliana leaf form evolved via loss of KNOX expression in leaves in association with a selective sweep. Current Biology 20(24): 2223-2228. Available online

Krieger, J., Guralnick, R. & Smith, D. (2007). Generating empirically determined, continuous measures of leaf shape for palaeoclimate reconstruction. PALAIOS 22(2): 212-219. Available online