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Kirk, Paul M

Job title: 

Biosystematists & Bioinformatition

Joined Kew: 

2012 (transfer from CABI)

Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons Microbiology), University of London (Chelsea College) 1974
  • PhD, University of London (Chelsea College) 1980

Research on selected basal clades of the Fungi (‘zygomycetes’ and anaerobic fungi); Classification of the Fungi, and the integration of asexual morphs into fungal classifications.

Index Fungorum Partnership

Manager of the Index Fungorum database and web site, the global fungal nomenclator Available online

Manager of Species Fungorum, a global checklist of the fungi, and the associated consensus classification of the fungi Available online

Member of the Editorial Team of the Species 2000/ITIS Catalogue of Life.

Nomenclature Committee for Fungi (member since 1996)

BioCode committee

Chair of the Global Names Architecture Advisory Panel

Manager of the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland database and web site Available online

Member of the British Mycological Society Foray and Conservation Committee

Selected publications: 

Kirk, P. M., Cannon, P. F., Minter, D. W. & Staplers, J. A. (2008). Dictionary of the Fungi (10th edition CAB International), CSIRO Publishing. Available online


Current projects