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Johnson, Nick P.

Job title: 

Team Leader: Temperate and Carnivorous Plant Unit, Tropical Nursery, Great Glasshouses and Training

Conservation, Living Collections and Estates
Horticulture, Kew Gardens
Joined Kew: 


Foreign languages: 


Qualifications and appointments: 

RHS Certificate in Horticulture


Provide support and facilities to grow UKOT plants and determine best practice for their cultivation.

Care and propagation of threatened island flora, including that from United Kingdom's Overseas Territories, in particular Trochetiopsis ebenus, Commidendrum rugosum, Medusagyne oppositifolia, Sophora toromiro, Dendroseris littoralis, Ramosmania rodriguesii, Cylindrocline laurencei, Acacia anagadensis and Hibiscus fragilis.

Results of experiments in germination tests and general cultivation techniques made available to UKOT team and in situ conservation groups.