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Hoenselaar, Kim

Job title: 

Trainee Botanist

Regional Teams
Joined Kew: 
Foreign languages: 
Dutch (mother tongue); basic German.
Qualifications and appointments: 

MSc, Biology, Utrecht Univ., 2003.


Taxonomic and floristic research on Cyperaceae for the East African region, including a key and genera and species descriptions.

Floristic and taxonomic description of a large part of the Cyperaceae for the ‘Flora of Tropical East Africa'; involving literature research, study of herbarium specimens, constructing generic and specific descriptions, writing keys, developing conservation assessments/notes and describing new species. To support this research, fieldwork will be carried out to collect material needed to improve species concepts and descriptions, to collect poorly studied species and new taxa. Curatorial tasks include: preparing specimens for mounting, placing specimens into the collection, dealing with and preparing loan requests, curation/rearrangement of the collections within the section.

Self-development includes attending 2 family sorts per week, in which the main aim is to learn families and genera of certain areas (Drylands Africa) or groups (Monocots). In receipt of training courses, e.g. presentation skills, scientific report writing, negotiation skills).

Selected publications: 
Hoenselaar*, K. (2005). Flora of Tropical East Africa. Colchicaceae. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 18 pp.


Hoenselaar, Kim