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Heller, Thomas M.

Author profile photo for Tom Heller, UKOTs blog.
Job title: 

Project Staff: Islands Conservation Partnership Co-ordinator

Conservation Science
Joined Kew: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons), Botany, University of Bristol, 2000
  • MSc, Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants, Edinburgh University, 2003

As a member of the UK and Islands Programme, I work in collaboration with partners in the UK Overseas Territories to document and conserve the wide diversity of these island floras. I currently manage projects to collect and bank at the Millennium Seed Bank the seeds of threatened plants from St Helena and across the Caribbean UKOTs (Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat and Turks and Caicos Islands), as well as develop capacity for managing seed collections in-country. I provide support and training to partners in plant identification and targeting, collecting seeds, herbarium specimens and data in the field. I also work on seed conservation projects in the UK, collecting seeds and undertaking baseline vegetation surveys. I have particular interests in the floras of the South Atlantic, Caribbean islands and the UK, and work on the identification of herbarium material of these regions.

Selected publications: 

Heller, T. M., Pearce, L., Cheek, M., Fortune-Hopkins, H. & Onana, J.-M. (2011). Cucurbitaceae. In: Cheek, M., Harvey, Y. & Onana, J.-M. (eds), The Plants of Mefou Proposed National Park, Yaoundé, Cameroon: a Conservation Checklist. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 141-143.

Cheek, M., Oben, B. & Heller, T. (2009). The identity of the west-central African Oricia lecomteana Pierre, with a new combination in Vepris (Rutaceae). Kew Bulletin 64: 509-512. Available online

Heller, T. M. & Cheek, M. (2004). Rutaceae. In: Cheek, M., Pollard, B.J., Darbyshire, I., Onana, J-M. & Wild, C. (eds), The Plants of Kupe, Mwanenguba and the Bakossi Mountains, Cameroon: a Conservation Checklist. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 395-397.