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Hardwick, Kate A.

Photo of Kate Hardwick
Job title: 

Millennium Seed Bank Partnership Ecological Restoration Co-ordinator

Seed Conservation
Management Support
Joined Kew: 


Foreign languages: 

French, Spanish, Thai

Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons), Univ. Bath, 1990
  • PhD, Univ. Wales (Bangor), 2000 

To co-ordinate and promote the MSBP’s research and associated activities that support the practice of ecological restoration, with a particular focus on activities that enable the sustainable use of MSBP seed collections in ecological restoration.

Research interests are focused on the development of methods to facilitate the use of seed in ecological restoration, including: a comparison of methods to enhance diversity of UK grasslands, using seed as the starter medium; the selection of species and use of seed in tropical forest restoration; the effect of fire on seed survival and germination of Miombo woodland tree species; the use of seed in the rehabilitation of land following mineral extraction. Also of interest is the dissemination of information and research results to conservation and restoration practitioners, including the Darwin Initiative-funded book, Restoring Tropical Forests: a practical guide.

Selected publications: 

Elliott, S.D., Blakesley, D. & Hardwick, K. (2013). Restoring Tropical Forests: a practical guide. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Available online

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Nic Lughadha, E., Baillie, J., Barthlott, W., Brummitt, N.A., Cheek, M. R., Farjon, A., Govaerts, R., Hardwick, K.A., Hilton-Taylor, C., Meagher, T.R., Moat, J., Mutke, J., Paton, A.J., Pleasants, L.J., Savolainen, V., Schatz, G.E., Smith, P., Turner, I., Wyse-Jackson, P. & Crane, P.R. (2005). Measuring the fate of plant diversity: towards a foundation for future monitoring and opportunities for urgent action. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, B 360 (1454): 359-372. Available online

Hardwick, K.A, Healey, J., Elliott S. & Blakesley, D. (2004). Research needs for restoring seasonal tropical forests in Thailand for wildlife conservation: II. Accelerated natural regeneration. New Forests 27 (3): 285-302. Available online

Hardwick, K., Healey, J., Elliott, S., Garwood, N. & Anusarnsunthorn, V. (1997). Understanding and assisting natural regeneration processes in degraded seasonal evergreen forests in northern Thailand. Forest Ecology and Management 99 (1): 203-214. Available online