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Green, Paul W.C.

Photo of Paul Green
Job title: 

Entomologist and plant biochemist

Sustainable Uses
Joined Kew: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons), Zoology, Kings College, London, 1990
  • PhD, Entomology, Birkbeck College, London, 1999.
  • Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society (FRES), 2007.

Effects of plant and fungal extracts on insect biology; chemical authentication of plant extracts and isolation of compounds.

Various analytical techniques are used to identify and isolate biologically active chemicals present in plants, fungi and insects. These chemical data are used in chemotaxonomic studies; for the development of agrochemicals; as traits for use in selective breeding of crop-plants with wild-relatives and as chemical markers to either help explain the behaviour of insects or as an aid to identify plant materials.  Carrying out bioassays of compounds and extracts predominantly against insects that are pests of agriculture and stored products.  Responsibility for day-to-day management of the insect-rearing facility and for co-ordination of staff in their insect-related duties.  Induction and supervision of students and visitors. Sustainability representative for the Jodrell, secretary of the Kew sustainability team and an internal auditor for ISO14001.

Selected publications: 

Malumphy, C, Hamilton, M.A., Manco, B.N., Green, P.W.C., Sanchez, M.D., Corcoran, M. and Salamanca, E. (2012) Toumeyella parvicornis (Hemiptera: Coccidae), causing severe decline of Pinus caribaea var. Bahamensis in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Florida Entomologist: 95(1): 113-119. Available online