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Gilbert, Michael G.

Job title: 

Research Associate

Honorary Research Associate
Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc, London
  • MSc, Liverpool
  • Cactus & Succulent Specialist Group, IUCN - Species Survival Commision
  • Editorial Board, Flora of China
  • Editorial Board, Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica.

Flora of China; Euphorbiaceae, particularly Euphorbia sensu lato.

Employed by Missouri Botanical Garden as the European coordinator for the ‘Flora of China' project, which involves co-authoring families and genera for which there is no specialist available and editing other contributions (currently the c. 1,900 species of Poaceae which have largely been co-authored at Kew. Interested in the development of software tools (Access databases and Word macros) to assist the editorial process. Long term interest in Euphorbia and will be working with the Kew Malpighiales team to co-author the Euphorbiaceae for the Flora of China. Also with a residual interest in the Flora of Ethiopia and in the Ceropegieae (Apocynaceae).

Selected publications: 

Lu Dequan & Gilbert,M.G. (2003). Nyctaginaceae, Portulacaceae Basellaceae. In Wu Zheng-Yi & Raven, P. (eds) Flora of China 5. 430-434, 442-446.

Qiu Huaxing & Gilbert,M.G. (2003). Olacaceae, Loranthaceae & Viscaceae. In Wu Zheng-Yi & Raven, P. (eds) Flora of China 5. 200-204, 220-245.

Zhou Zhekun & Gilbert,M.G. (2003). Moraceae. In Wu Zheng-Yi & Raven, P. (eds) Flora of China 5. 21-73.

Gilbert, M.G. (2002). Notes on the Ceropegiae (Asclepiadaceae) of Ethiopia. Nordic Journal of Botany 22(2): 205-210.

Wang Wencai & Gilbert,M.G. (2001). RanunculusIn Wu Zheng-Yi & Raven, P. (eds) Flora of China 6. 391-431.