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Ghazanfar, Shahina A.

Shahina Ghazanfar
Job title: 

Head of the Temperate Regional Team

Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives
Regional Teams
Joined Kew: 


Foreign languages: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • MSc, Punjab Univ., Pakistan
  • PhD, Univ. Cambridge, UK
  • Scientific Committee of Plant Life of South West Asia
  • Arabian Plant Specialist Group; Medicinal Plant Specialist Groups, IUCN-SSC

The Temperate Region is one of the five Regional Sections. It is responsible for all plant related matters concerning the temperate regions of the world (including Europe & British Isles, Middle East, Southwest Asia, Russia, India, China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, USA).

With my team we are responsible for all curatorial matters, herbarium loan requests (both material and images), plant related queries, research visitors, students, research projects (incl. floristic research, flora writing, collaborative fieldwork, vegetation surveys, teaching), horticultural taxonomy, and provide expertise on projects in the Temperate region.

We help develop and manage collaborative projects through consultancies through the Kew Innovations Unit, and as well develop projects with academic and botanical research institutions.

We are involved in several projects in the Middle East, in particular Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Iraq in preparing floras, checklists and some restoration programmes.

Selected publications: 

Ghazanfar, S.A. (2011) Medicinal plants of the Middle East. In: Ram Singh (ed) Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering and Crop Improvement. Pp. 163–180. CRC Press.

Ghazanfar, S.A. & Osborne, J. (2010) Conservation through restoration: study of a degraded gravel plain in south-eastern Arabia. Pakistan J. Bot. Special Issue 42: 193–204.

Ghazanfar, S.A. and H.J. Beentje (2010). Sabkha regions of Tropical East Africa. In: G.H. Barth & B. Boer (eds) Sabkha ecosystems. Volume 1I1, Africa. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic.

Ghazanfar, S.A. (2010) Restoring Saline Habitats: Identification and name changes in halophytes of the Arabian Peninsula. In: Munir Ozturk, Ahmet Ruhi Mermut, Ali Celik (eds), Urbanisation, Land Use, Land Degradation and Environment. New Delhi, NAM S&T Centre.

Ghazanfar, S.A. (2010). A new species of Trichodesma (Boraginaceae) from Oman, Arabia. Kew Bulletin. 65: 97–100.