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Gardiner, Lauren

Photo of Lauren Gardiner
Job title: 

Career Development Fellow (Islands)

Conservation Science
Joined Kew: 

2002; 2007

Qualifications and appointments: 
  • PhD, University of East Anglia, 2007
  • MA, University of Cambridge 2004
  • MSc, University of Reading, 2003
  • BA (Hons), University of Cambridge, 2002
  • RHS Orchid Committee member
  • Systematics Association Council member
  • European Network of Palm Scientists secretary
  • IUCN/SSC Palm Specialist Group secretary
  • IUCN/SSC Orchid Specialist Group member
  • Prospect Union pay negotiations representative
  • International Orchid Commission member
  • Anglo-Malagasy Society member

My role in the Conservation Science department focuses on working with our team based in Madagascar to produce collections-based scientific outputs which can be used to inform practical on-the-ground conservation through our work with partners.

Specialising in palms and orchids, I am working with our colleagues to provide local communities with the information and resources they need to proactively conserve species and habitats, and to speed up the rate at which we assess, document, and prioritise taxa for conservation action, whilst emphasising the role of locally-focused sustainable development.

Selected publications: 

Gardiner, L. M. (2014). Exploring orchids, conservation and education: the experience of the Writhlington School Orchid Project. Proceedings of 20th World Orchid Conference, Singapore. NParks Publications, pp368-370.

Gardiner, L. M. (2014). Vanda and Taprobanea. In: Pridgeon, A.M., Cribb, P.J., Chase, M.W. & Rasmussen, F.N. (eds) Genera Orchidacearum, Volume 6. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Gardiner L. M. & Cribb, P. C. (eds) (2013). Vanda. Renziana (Journal of the Swiss Orchid Foundation) 3. The Swiss Orchid Foundation, Basel.

Gardiner, L. M., Kocyan, A., Motes, M., Roberts, D. L. & Emerson, B. C. (2013). Molecular phylogenetics of Vanda and related genera (Orchidaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 173: 549-572.

Gardiner, L. M., Bone, R. & Kilgallen, N. M. (2013). Orchids and eMonocot – assembling research resources and facilitating collaborative taxonomy online. Lankesteriana 13(1-2): 33-37.


E: l.gardiner[at]

Twitter: @IbuAnggrek