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Frisby, Susan M. [née Brodie]

Job title: 

Assistant Botanist

Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives
Regional Teams
Joined Kew: 


Foreign languages: 

Portuguese (basic)

Qualifications and appointments: 

BSc (Botany & Geography), Victoria Univ., Wellington, New Zealand, 1981.


Herbarium curation, naming, databasing and research, including Neotropical Malvaceae and Compositae.

Sue's work in the Herbarium involves curatorial activities include laying out material for mounting, incorporating specimens into the herbarium, rearranging collections according to new revisions, selecting material for loans, digitizing and databasing specimens and entering their data on CRIS, HerbCat, and BRAHMS databases, reincorporating returned loans and maintaining the collections; offering assistance to visitors to the Herbarium as required.

Her research interests include assisting in systematic and regionally based research, such as the naming of Neotropical Malvaceae. She is part of the team responsible for designing, constructing, and testing the on line key to the Neotropical Malvaceae. Sue is also involved in the naming of material from Tropical South America (including Bignoniaceae, Rosaceae, Campanulaceae, Amaranthaceae, etc.). She has also been responsible for plant identification in the field in association with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, in Belize. She has also been plant collecting in Mato Grosso State, Brazil on both the Rio Cristalino and Rio Xingu, and naming of material from these expeditions.

Sue has described two new species of Icthyothere (Compositae) in association with Dr Hind (Kew Bull., ined.). She is currently preparing descriptions for new species of Vernonia from Bolivia and Brazil, also in association with Dr Hind.

Sue was formerly involved with the cataloguing of Kew’s Economic Botany Collections, research into plant regeneration on the lava flows of Mount Cameroon (both in the field and Herbarium), and naming of material for the Mount Cameroon Project.

Selected publications: 

Biggs, N., Edwards, S., Frisby, S. & Klitgård, B. B. (2011). Neotropical Malvaceae - Malvoideae. Available online (accessed June 30, 2011).

Frisby, S. & Hind, [D. J.] N. (2008). Plate 622. Dactylicapnos scandens. (Papaveraceae). Curtis’s Bot. Mag. 25(3): 207 – 215.

Frisby, S. & Hind, [D. J.] N. (2008). Plate 623. Dactylicapnos macrocapnos. (Papaveraceae). Curtis’s Bot. Mag. 25(3): 216 – 222.

Frisby, S. & Hind, [D. J.] N. (2008). Plate 624. Dactylicapnos ventii. (Papaveraceae). Curtis’s Bot. Mag. 25(3): 223 – 229.

Frisby, S. & Hind, [D. J.] N. (2008). Plate 625. Dactylicapnos torulosa. (Papaveraceae). Curtis’s Bot. Mag. 25(3): 230 – 236.