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Fortune Hopkins, Helen

Job title: 

Research Associate

Honorary Research Associate
Foreign languages: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BA (Hons), Oxford, 1974
  • MA, Oxford, 1978
  • DPhil, Oxford, 1981.

Taxonomic revision of Cunoniaceae for New Caledonia.

Taxonomy of Cunoniaceae, including revisions of genera Codia, Geissois and Pancheria for Flore de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Relationship between radiation of Cunoniaceae and ultramafic substrates in New Caledonia. Also completing publications on pollination biology of Mucuna (Leguminosae) in New Guinea, conservation biology of Parkia (Leguminosae), identification of drift disseminules from New Guinea, and evolution of bat-pollination in pantropical genera.

Selected publications: 

Hopkins, H.C.F. & Bradford, J.C. (2009). Nomenclature and typification of names in the endemic genus Pancheria (Cunoniaceae) from New Caledonia. Adansonia 31: 103 –135.

Pillon, Y., Hopkins, H.C.F., Munzinger, J. & Chase, M.W. (2009). A molecular and morphological survey of generic limits in Acsmithia and Spiraeanthemum (Cunoniaceae). Syst. Bot. 34: 141 ­– 148.

Hopkins, H.C.F. (2008). The morphology of stipules and inflorescences in Geissois sensu strico (Cunoniaceae). Kew Bull. 63: 625 – 638.

Hopkins, H.C.F., Fogliani, B. & Pillon, Y. (2007). Four new species in the endemic genus Codia (Cunoniaceae) from New Caledonia. Kew Bull. 62: 259 – 274.