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Duque-Thüs, Rhinaixa

Job title: 

Herbarium Collections Manager

Joined Kew: 

June 2013

Foreign languages: 

Spanish (mother tongue); German, Portuguese, Italian (fluent); Hindi (basic)

Qualifications and appointments: 

• PhD Goethe-Universität Frankfurt / Main (Botanical Systematics & Taxonomy)

• MSc (Licenciado) Universidad Central de Venezuela (Botany & Ecology)


I work in the Collections Management Unit, where all incoming and outgoing herbarium specimen consignments (both loans and gifts) are kept on -40 °C for 72 hours, recorded and distributed.

I deliver specimens to where they are required for scientific research by specialists at Kew or partner institutes worldwide.

I collate and despatch plant identification lists to donating institutions. I do advice on curatorial protocols and curation techniques, and I am member of the pest control team.

I also ensure accessibility to the collections and provide research support within Kew and to visitors, dealing with loan and image requests, and contribute to Kew Public Engagement and Science Communication activities.

I help with implementing Kew's policy on access to genetic resources, ensuring compliance with CITES and CBD legislation governing the acquisition and supply of herbarium material.

I am also a botanist and ecologist with 20 years’ experience on Bromeliaceae – Bromelioideae.

Selected publications: 

Thüs H., Muggia L., Pérez-Ortega S., Favero-Longo S., Joneson S., O’Brien H., Nelsen M., Duque-Thüs R., Grube M., Friedl T., Brodie J., Andrew C., Lücking R., Lutzoni F. & Gueidan C. (2011) Revisiting photobiont diversity in the lichen family Verrucariaceae (Ascomycota). European Journal of Phycology, 46: 4, 399-415. Available online

Duque-Thüs, R. (2010) Ananas comosus (pineapple). The Natural History Museum.  Available online

Duque-Thüs R. (2009) Beiträge morphologischer und anatomischer Merkmale, insbesondere der Fruchtknoten und Samenanlagen zur Taxonomie und Systematik der Bromelioideae (Bromeliaceae) Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt am Main. Available online