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Devey, Dion S

Dion Devey
Job title: 

Laboratory Manager (Molecular)

Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology
Joined Kew: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons), DeMontfort University, Leicester, 2000
  • PhD, Reading University, UK, 2007

I am responsible for managing the RBG Kew molecular biology and genetics laboratory facilities. We undertake a range of highly-specialised techniques, including DNA extraction, plant and fungal Sanger sequencing, NGS sequencing (MiSeq) and population-genetics (DNA micro-satellites and AFLPs). We train and supervise staff, students and visiting researchers, and support RBG Kew science projects, by providing experimental design, project management, troubleshooting and costing for grant submissions. I also work closely with the Kew Innovation Unit to undertake ethical commercial activities and am leading the development of novel techniques to further expand Kew’s fundraising capabilities.

Research Interests:

  • Exploring the boundaries between population genetics and phylogenetics, and using orchids as a model system for the investigation of species-delimitation issues and the downstream impact on conservation recommendations; Large scale bar-coding of the Angiosperms.
  • Investigating the molecular systematics, evolution and biogeographical distribution of several plant families (including: Asphodelaceae, Hyacinthaceae, Hypoxidaceae, Orchidaceae, Pandanaceae, Sapindaceae).
Selected publications: 

Devey, D. S., Forest, F. L., Rakotonasolo, F., Ma, P., Dentinger, B. T. M. & Buerki, S. (2009). A snapshot of extinction in action: The decline and imminent demise of the endemic Eligmocarpus Capuron (Caesalpinioideae, Leguminosae) serves as an example of the fragility of Madagascan ecosystems. South African Journal of Botany 89: 273-280. Available online

Devey, D. S. & Clarkson, J. J. (2009). A stuttering start to plant DNA barcoding: microsatellites present a previously overlooked problem in non-coding plastid regions. Taxon 58(1): 7-15. Available online

Devey, D. S., Bateman, R. M., Fay, M. F. & Hawkins, J. A. (2009). Friends or Relatives? Phylogenetics and Species Delimitation in the Controversial European Orchid Genus Ophrys. Annals of Botany 101(3): 385–402. Available online

Devey, D. S., Bateman, R. M., Fay, M. F. & Hawkins. J. A. (2009). Genetic structure and systematic relationships within the Ophrys fuciflora aggregate (Orchidaceae: Orchidinae): high diversity in Kent and a wind-induced discontinuity bisecting the Adriatic. Annals of Botany 104(3):483-95. Available online

CBOL Plant Working Group. (2009). A DNA barcode for land plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America 106:12794-7. Available online

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