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Dawson, Sally

Job title: 

Researcher and Curator of the Coffee Family (Rubiaceae)

Dicot Systematics
Joined Kew: 



Taxonomy of Rubiaceae, focusing on the Old World Tropics, especially herbaceous genera and the tribe Octotropideae; curation of the Rubiaceae herbarium collections.

Taxonomy of Old World Rubiaceae, with a regional focus on Africa and Madagascar. Taxonomic contributions made to regional checklists, floras and accelerated surveys for Kew, and collaborative projects worldwide. Taxonomic responsibility for herbaceous genera within the subfamily Rubioideae. Taxonomic research within the tribe Octotropideae focusing on the Madagascan endemic genus Canephora Juss. Responsibility for overall curation of Rubiaceae collections. Management of sectional databases (classification, geographical and specimen), including design and data-gathering.

Selected publications: 
Dawson, S.E. (in press). Characteristics of the Madagascan genus Canephora (Rubiaceae: Octotropideae), and an additional two new species.
Dawson, S., Gereau, R. (2010). New species of Aidia and Polysphaeria (Rubiaceae) from East Africa. Novon: A journal of Botanical Nomenclature from the Missouri Botanical Garden. 20(3): 256 – 264.  Available online


Dawson, S.E. (2009). A new name in Pavetta L. (Rubiaceae). Kew Bulletin 63(3): 517. Available online


Dawson, S.E. (2002). A new species of Stelechantha Bremek. (Rubiaceae, Urophylleae) from Cameroon. Kew Bulletin 57(2): 397 – 402. Available online