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Dawson, Sally

Job title: 

Curator (Asia)

Identification and Naming
Joined Kew: 



I am a curator within the Asian team in the Identification and Naming Department. I am responsible for the curation of a large portion of Kew’s Herbarium dried plant collections which includes organising and incorporating specimens into the collections and rearranging the collectons according to new revisions. I give research support including the identification of selected plant groups and families including the plant family Rubiaceae.

Selected publications: 

Dawson, S. E. (in press). Characteristics of the Madagascan genus Canephora (Rubiaceae: Octotropideae), and an additional two new species.

Dawson, S. & Gereau, R. (2010). New species of Aidia and Polysphaeria (Rubiaceae) from East Africa. Novon: A journal of Botanical Nomenclature from the Missouri Botanical Garden 20(3): 256 – 264.  Available online

Dawson, S. E. (2009). A new name in Pavetta L. (Rubiaceae). Kew Bulletin 63(3): 517. Available online
Dawson, S. E. (2002). A new species of Stelechantha Bremek. (Rubiaceae, Urophylleae) from Cameroon. Kew Bulletin 57(2): 397 – 402. Available online