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Davies, Rachael

Photo of Rachel Davies
Job title: 

Germination Specialist

Joined Kew: 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc (Hons) Biology, Univ. Sussex, 2004.
  • MSc Plant Conservation, Univ. Sussex, 2008.

My role as Germination Specialist involves solving seed germination and dormancy problems on Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) collections. Also of interest is seed longevity, with the aim of removing constraints to seed storage. This role also provides essential support to the three seed processing teams in the Collections Department. Expert knowledge and understanding of seed germination and dormancy and seed viability theory is used to solve collection related problems and set viability monitoring intervals that underpin the effective management of the MSB’s collections thus reducing the risk of undetected viability loss and maximising the potential use of the collections for habitat repair or sustainable use projects.

Selected publications: 

Davies, R., Nadarajan, J. & Prichard, H.W. (2009). Cryopreservation of difficult-to-handle palm seed. EU COST ACTION 871 Abstracts. CryoLetters, 30: 382-397. Fundamental aspects of plant cryopreservation