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Baracat, Amélia Barbosa

Photo of Amelia Baracat
Job title: 

Tropical America Projects Coordinator

Herbarium, Library, Arts & Archives
Regional Teams
Joined Kew: 


Foreign languages: 

Portuguese (mother tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (working)

Qualifications and appointments: 
  • MSc & PGDipDevMgmt (Open), 2006.
  • PG Cert., Management studies, Open University Business School, 1998 - 1999.
  • BA (Hons), History of Western Philosophy and Science, Kingston Univ., 1991.

Co-ordination of bi-lateral and inter-departmental projects and initiatives in Latin America.  Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives (HLAA) Department.

Co-ordination of inter-departmental and overseas research group inputs into projects and initiatives in Tropical America through the development of the Neotropikey and the Sustainable Management of Fuelwood Trees in the Caatinga of Northeast Brazil projects. This involves the provision of coaching and guidance to project development work, interfacing between partners and researchers to maximise specialist input, as well as managing the communication and activities of contributors to the Neotropikey project, reporting, including conclusion of research findings, evaluation and recommendations. Activities include budget formulation and financial analysis, and drafting collaborative Terms of Agreement, thus enabling all parties to gain valuable multiple interest, multi-scale and multidisciplinary scientific and community work within the collaborative framework of the bilateral Programme.

More recently Amélia has taken on the development and management of HLAA Volunteers and Internship Programme. This is making an important contribution to the department and has included input into Kew’s volunteer strategy development. It has helped Kew to focus on new opportunities for volunteering, and identifying and selecting potential volunteers and interns as well as interfacing between specialists and potential volunteers. It also involves the development of on-line resources for the dissemination of volunteer news.

Selected publications: 

Pareyn, F., Milliken, W., Baracat, A., Gariglio, M. A., Santos, E. M., Galindo, R. C. A. P., Gasson, P., Gallindo, F. A. T., Hassett, D. M. (2013). Cuidando da Caatinga. Associação Plantas do Nordeste (APNE) & Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Sampaio, E., Gasson, P., Baracat, A., Cutler, D. & Pareyn F. (2010). Biomass estimation of plants from the caatinga. Forest Ecology & Management.

Milliken, W. & Baracat, A. (2007). Kew Latin America Research Fellowships Programme Review 1998-2007 Available online

Pareyn, F. G. C., Gasson, P., Cutler D., Figueiroa, J. M. & Baracat, A. (2007). Manejo sustentado da Vegetação Lenhosa da Caatinga Available online

Figueiroa, J. M., Pareyn, F. G. C., Araujo, E. L., Silva, C. E., Santos, V. F., Cutler, D. F., Baracat, A. & Gasson, P. (2006). Effects of cutting regimes in the dry and wet season on survival and sprouting of woody species from the semi-arid caaatinga of northeast Brazil. Forest Ecology and Management 229: 294-303.