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Atkins, Sandy (Retired)

Job title: 

Honorary Research Associate

Honorary Research Associate
Foreign languages: 

French, Portuguese

Qualifications and appointments: 

HND Microbiology


Floristics, baseline taxonomy, diversity, biogeography and conservation of Neotropical Verbenaceae; curation of herbarium specimens.

Research into Verbenaceae, especially in the Neotropics, with some responsibilities relating to incoming and outgoing Neotropical specimens, and the repatriation of herbarium data to Northeast Brazil. Research output has included a baseline monograph on the genus Stachytarpheta in Brazil (79 species); accounts for the ‘Flora of Paraguay', ‘Flora of Thailand' and ‘Flora Malesiana', and a recently completed account of the family for Kubitzki's Families and Genera of Vascular Plants.

Selected publications: 

Atkins, S. (2005). A revision of the genus Stachytarpheta in Brazil. Kew Bull. 60(2): 161-272.

Atkins, S. (2004). Verbenaceae. In Kadereit, J.W. (ed) The families and genera of vascular plants, 7, Lamiales. Berlin: Springer. 449-468.

Atkins, S. (2004). Verbenaceae. In Smith, N., Mori, S.A., Henderson, A., Stevenson, D.W. & Heald, S.V. (eds) Flowering plants of the Neotropics. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 387-390.

Atkins, S. & de Kok, R. (2004). Viticoideae. In Harley, R.M., Atkins, S., Budantsev, A.L., Cantino, P.D., Conn, B.J., Grayer, R., Harley, M.M., de Kok, R., Krestovskaja, T., Morales, R., Paton, A.J., Ryding, O. & Upson, T. (2004). Labiatae. In Kadereit, J.W. (ed) The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants, 7, Lamiales. Berlin: Springer Verlag. 167-282.

Atkins, S. (2003). Stachytarpheta Vahl. In Programa ProFlora (ed) Flora fanerogamica Argentina. Fasciculo 84. 253. Verbenaceae, parte 1. Subfamilia I. Verbenoideae, parte 1. Tribu II. Lantaneae, parte A. Cordoba, Argentina: ProFlora Conicet. 42-43.