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Alvarez, Maria

Job title: 

Project Staff: Digitisation Officer

Foreign languages: 

Spanish (Mother Tongue), French and English German and Dutch (basic)

Qualifications and appointments: 

PhD Imperial College 2008

MSc (DEA) Université de Montpellier II 2000


I am part of a team dedicated to imaging and capturing information on specimens held at Kew. My main role is the digitisation of herbarium specimens under the project Global Plants Initiative (GPI). As a volunteer, I identify Rubiaceae from Tropical Africa.

Selected publications: 

Alvarez M. G., François Tron, and André Mauchamp. 2005. Sexual versus asexual colonization by Phragmites australis: 25 year reed dynamics in a Mediterranean Marsh, Southern France. Wetlands 25 (3):639-647.

Alvarez, M. G. and C. Montaňa. 1997. Analysis of the germination and survival of 5 species of Cactaceae in the Valley of Zapotitlan, Salinas, Pue. Mexico. Acta Botanica Mexicana 40:43-58