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Breathing Planet Programme Strategy 7 - Wonders and marvels

Ultimately, one of the most effective ways to protect biodiversity is to raise people’s awareness of the debt we owe plants and fungi, the problems they face and how our future depends on their continued survival. With its two gardens and outreach programme, Kew is uniquely placed to inspire an appreciation of the environment and engage the public in our mission.

Kew aims to deliver enjoyable, inspiring experiences and horticultural displays that transform people’s understanding worldwide of plant and fungal diversity and conservation and their relevance to environmental challenges.

This work involves all staff, students and volunteers - and most particularly Kew’s horticultural, conservation, visitor experience, communications, media and education specialists - to disseminate Kew’s work within the Breathing Planet Programme to audiences in the Gardens and around the world, so that Kew’s messages are widely understood.