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Millennium Seed Bank resources

The Millennium Seed Bank has published a number of more detailed technical guides to various aspects of our work.

MSBP Seed Conservation Standards

Technical Information Sheets

A collection of technical information sheets produced by Millennium Seed Bank staff, covering various aspects of seed conservation practices and facilities. These are aimed at practitioners already working in seed conservation, although they are also used as resource materials in our training courses with university groups and to provide detailed information to visitors of the seed bank.

1. Protocol for comparative seed longevity testing

2. Assessing a potential seed collection

3. Seed collecting techniques

4. Post-harvest handling of seed collections

5. Measuring seed moisture status using a hygrometer

6. Selecting containers for long-term seed storage

7. Low-cost monitors of seed moisture status

8. Small-scale seed drying methods

9. Equilibrating seeds to specific moisture levels

10. Identifying desiccation-sensitive seeds

11. Seed bank design - seed drying rooms

12. Seed bank design - cold rooms for seed storage

13. Not yet published

14. Cleaning seed collections for long-term conservation

Field Manual for Seed Collectors

Seed collecting for the Millennium Seed Bank

English edition

Russian edition

Seed Collecting Manual for the UK National Tree Seed project

Seed Bank Data Exchange

MSBP Seed Bank Data Exchange Schema