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Chaetocalyx DC. 1825


Genus information

13 species

Neotropics, centred in S America; south to N Argentina, S Brazil and Uruguay; north through C America and the Antilles to S Mexico


Twining herbs


Seasonally dry tropical to warm temperate forest, and a few species in Andean or Amazonian forest; often in mesic habitats, along stream banks, forest margins and on hillsides


From chaite (Gk.: long flowing hair), referring to the calyces of most species which are covered in long glandular-based trichomes

Taxonomic notes: 

Rudd (1981) placed Chaetocalyx in tribe Aeschynomeneae, subtribe Ormocarpinae. Lavin et al. (2001a), however, resolved the genus in the Adesmia clade, where it is paraphyletic with respect to Nissolia (Fig. 40; Pennington et al., 2004: 526–527)