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Meet the GIS Unit

People working in the GIS Unit, their contact details and Science Directory profiles.

Justin Moat

GIS Unit Manager

Develop and manage the GIS unit, GIS projects and related research and science. Special interests in webmapping, vegetation mapping and conservation assessments.


Justin in the Science Directory

Steve Bachman

Species Conservation Assessment Officer

Co-ordination and development of activities relating to species conservation assessments, in particular the application of the IUCN Red List categories and criteria.


Steve in the Science Directory

Susana Baena

Spatial Information Scientist

Responsible for Remote Sensing (RS) and Vegetation Mapping. GIS/RS projects and related research. Special interests in vegetation mapping and field methods.


Susana in the Science Directory

Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams

Spatial Information Scientist

Providing vegetation mapping (core research area South East Asia), using remote sensing and GIS techniques to give up-to-date and accurate vegetation mapping and vegetation change (temporally).


Jenny in the Science Directory

Joro Madagascar

Mijoro (Joro) Rakotoarinivo 

KMCC GIS Unit Manager and Palms Conservation Officer 

Managing the KMCC GIS Unit, which provides database and mapping services for KMCC and the Kew Madagascar Science Team programme in Madagascar.


Joro in the Science Directory

Photo of Amanda Cooper

Amanda Cooper 

Spatial Information Scientist 

Projects focused on vegetation mapping and habitat assessment. Research focuses on biodiversity and species level mapping utilizing both remote and ground-based technology, including satellite and aerial images and terrestrial laser scanning and field spectroscopy.