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Flora of Tropical East Africa

Episode 17: Unlocking Biodiversity


Prof Kathy Willis probes the tools that are proving essential to map the world's flora.

The Flora of Tropical East Africa (FTEA) is the largest botanical project of its kind completed over the last 100 years. The project catalogued all of the wild plant species of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzani.

The project

Started in 1948 the project deals with all 12,500 wild plant species. It's an essential baseline tool for anyone working with East African plants. This Flora deals with the higher plants of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Some 12,500 plants will be treated, for a series of habitats varying from beach to the highest point in Africa, and from wetland to desert.

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Flora of Tropical East Africa book

A descriptive account of the flowering plants and ferns native and naturalised in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, together with information on exotic ornamental and crop plants. 

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The world’s most famous botanic garden

A summer meadow in mauve and yellow

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