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The Arboretum at Kew

The Treetop Walkway

Tony Kirkham, Head of the Arboretum at Kew guides us high into the treetops where visitors can see Kew's vast Arboretum and study these soaring trees up close. See the crowns of limes, sweet chestnuts and oak trees, as well as the birds, insects, lichen and fungi that make their home in this leafy canopy.

Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens

Kew's 'Old Lions'

These magnificent trees are the oldest trees in the Gardens, dating back to 1762. Find out more

Episode 11: Towards the Light

Kathy Willis explores the harnessing of plants' ability to photosynthesise their own food. Find out more

Trees at Kew

Kew's arboretum is a wonderful place to see many different species of trees, including rare and ancient varities. Here's selection of some of our favourite trees for visitors to enjoy.

The world’s most famous botanic garden

A summer meadow in mauve and yellow

Come and see our historic glasshouses, rare and beautiful plants, and inspring botanical art galleries.

'Plants: From Roots to Riches' Book

Plants: From Roots to Riches, a landmark Radio 4 series

Based on the Radio 4 series. Kathy Willis and Carolyn Fry take us from the birth of botany right through to modern day plant science.