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Trillium nivale (snow trillium)

Snow trillium is one of the earliest alpine plants to bloom in spring and often flowers as the snow melts around it.
snow trillium flowers

Trillium nivale

Species information

Scientific name: 

Trillium nivale Riddell

Common name: 

snow trillium, dwarf white trillium

Conservation status: 

NatureServe Status: G4 - Apparently Secure


Damp woodland, on slopes and rocky ledges or near streams often on limestone.

Key Uses: 


Known hazards: 

None known.


Genus: Trillium

About this species

The snow trillium is one of the earliest spring blooming alpines, the common name referring to the fact that snow can often be found on the ground when the flowers appear. It is one of the smallest Trillium species, and it is also notable for its longevity. Its seeds are dispersed by ants.

As the generic name suggests, trilliums have parts arranged in threes: three leaves, three sepals (the part of the flower that protects the flower in bud) and three petals.

Trillium nivale was illustrated by Sir Joseph Hooker’s daughter Harriet Thistelton-Dyer in Curtis’s Botanical Magazine in 1879.


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