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Search through our bank of illustrated plant and fungi profiles. Try our quick search using the common or scientific name. Or for something more specific use the filters to locate species by country, habitat or plant family.

Search by name of plant or fungus. Enter either a common name or scientific name; use part of name where necessary; use singular name (e.g. daisy not daisies):

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Trichodiadema densum

Trichodiadema densum is a low-growing succulent that is extremely reluctant to flower, but when it does, it has numerous bright pink daisy-like flowers in autumn.


Trochetiopsis ebenus (St Helena ebony)

From the two surviving wild St Helena ebony plants, Kew's horticulturists and conservationists have taken part in propagation programmes with colleagues in St Helena to produce thousands of new plants from cuttings...

Showing 451 - 460 of 489 results


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