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Kew has over 250 magnolias across the Gardens with many large trees dating back to the early 1900s. Most are in the Arboretum, but they can also be found by the Main Gate, Victoria Gate and along the Broad Walk.

The flower of <em>Magnolia heptapeta</em>
The flower of Magnolia heptapeta

Pink flowers of Campbell's magnolia
Pink flowers of Campbell's magnolia

One of the most magnificent magnolias is the pink tulip tree, or Campbell's magnolia (Magnolia campbellii), which in the Himalayas can reach the heady heights of 50 metres. However, despite its mountainous origins, this magnolia requires some shelter and relies on a relatively mild spring. It can be seen in the Gardens in full flower in early spring between February and April.

This year we celebrate all things magnolia with: 

Campbell's magnolia - one of our star magnolias

Visit our Arboretum and see beautiful magnolias in blossom

Magnolias - paintings by Barbara Oozeerally

Magnolias - paintings by Barbara Oozeerally
Magnolias - paintings by Barbara Oozeerally

In 2005, the artist embarked on a nine-year project to produce over 150 paintings of magnolias. She travelled widely, working closely with magnolia experts.

All the paintings are life size: every bud, flower, branch, leaf and seed head measured, sketched and colour sample taken in situ.

The exhibition is at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery and is free with admission to the Gardens.

Find out more about the Magnolias exhibition

Magnolias in Art and Cultivation book cover

Magnolias in Art and Cultivation by Barbara Oozeerally

Published by Kew Publishing in association with the RHS.

Magnolia pillows

Sleep wrapped up in magnolia flowers

These beautifully fresh, enticing magnolia blooms lie over the silky soft, 300 thread count pure cotton bedlinen.

Magnolia Blooms - Mark Bolton - Kew Gardens

High quality prints

Adorn your home with stunning art prints featuring magnolias.