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Gladiolus dzavakheticus (sword lily)

The eye-catching sword lily adds beauty to sub-alpine landscapes and lakesides, especially in foggy weather, when only its pink flowers are visible.
Sword lily pink flowers

Gladiolus dzavakheticus (Photo: David Kikodze, Tbilisi Botanical Garden and Institute of Botany)

Species information

Scientific name: 

Gladiolus dzavakheticus Eristavi

Common name: 

sword lily

Conservation status: 

On the Red List of the Caucasus.


Subalpine meadows.

Key Uses: 

Food (corms edible when boiled or roasted), ornamental.

Known hazards: 

None known.


Genus: Gladiolus

About this species

The generic name Gladiolus means 'little sword' in Latin, and the Georgian common name for G. dzavakheticus translates into English as 'sword'. When collecting seeds from this species in 2009, the Millennium Seed Bank team at the Tbilisi Botanical Garden and Institute of Botany caused a stir when the locals thought they were looking for real swords, as buried artefacts, and were keen to assist in making archaeological discoveries!


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