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Eucalyptus sweedmaniana (Sweedman's mallee)

Sweedman's mallee is a knee-high rare eucalypt of horticultural merit recently discovered on the burnt coastal slopes of the Mount Arid granite inselberg in SW Australia.
Eucalyptus sweedmaniana in situ

Eucalyptus sweedmaniana (Photo: Luke Sweedman)

Species information

Scientific name: 

Eucalyptus sweedmaniana Hopper & McQuoid

Common name: 

Sweedman's mallee

Conservation status: 

Using IUCN criteria the species would be categorised as ‘Data Deficient’. More detailed information below.


Coastal heath on calcareous and acidic sands.

Known hazards: 



Genus: Eucalyptus

About this species

To many British gardeners the Eucalyptus is a fast-growing monster, casting shade and debris… usually in the neighbour’s garden. In Australia, however, the 900+ species of eucalypts are integral to the landscape and culture and come in all shapes and sizes.

Eucalyptus sweedmaniana is a dwarf in comparison to most species, forming a low-growing mallee (shrub) around one metre high. It survives the bush fires that are common in the area by dying back to a woody underground rootstock, known as a lignotuber, from which it can re-sprout later.

The species was discovered in southwest Australia in 2006 by the former Director of Kew, Professor Stephen Hopper, and his colleague Luke Sweedman, Curator of the Western Australian Seed Technology Centre, after whom the species is named.


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