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Dypsis humilis

A highly threatened new species of stemless palm discovered by Kew botanists on the edge of Madagascar's newest protected area.
Dypsis humilis

Dypsis humilis

Species information

Scientific name: 

Dypsis humilis M.S.Trudgen, Rakotoarin. & W.J.Baker

Common name: 

None known

Conservation status: 

Provisional IUCN assessment of Critically Endangered.


Disturbed rain forest on granitic ridge top, 100-200 m.

Known hazards: 

None known.


Genus: Dypsis

About this species

Dypsis humilis is an unusual new species of stemless palm discovered during collaborative fieldwork by botanists from Kew and Madagascar in 2007. It was officially named and described in 2009 along with four other new species from the vicinity of Madagascar’s newest protected area, Makira, in the north-east of the island. It is an extremely rare plant - fewer than ten plants were seen by the expedition team in an unprotected locality just outside the park boundary.

Over 20 species of palm from Madagascar have been formally described as new to science by Kew botanists in 2009.


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