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Dalbergia andapensis (hazovola)

An endangered tree from northeast Madagascar, Dalbergia andapensis is threatened by local deforestation.
Detail of a type specimen of Dalbergia andapensis

Detail of a type specimen of Dalbergia andapensis collected in Madagascar by H. Humbert and R. Capuron in 1948.

Species information

Scientific name: 

Dalbergia andapensis Bosser & R. Rabev.

Common name: 

hazovola, sovoka (Malagasy)

Conservation status: 

Endangered (EN) according to IUCN Red List criteria.


Humid, broadleaved evergreen forest.

Key Uses: 

None known.

Known hazards: 

Some species of Dalbergia can cause allergic reactions as a result of the presence of quinones (organic compounds) in the wood.


Leguminosae/Fabaceae - Papilionoideae
Genus: Dalbergia

About this species

Dalbergia andapensis belongs to the pea and bean family (Leguminosae). The specific epithet ‘andapensis’ refers to its occurrence in the region of Andapa, in northeast Madagascar. Little is known about this rare species of tree, which is closely related to the economically important rosewoods, such as Dalbergia nigra (Brazilian rosewood) and D. latifolia (Indian rosewood).


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