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Crinum brachynema (karnaphul)

Crinum brachynema is a Critically Endangered bulbous plant, with great potential as an ornamental, and is restricted to Gujarat and Maharashtra States in western India.
Flowers of Crinum brachynema

Flowers of Crinum brachynema (Photo: Dr. Sachin A. Punekar)

Species information

Scientific name: 

Crinum brachynema Herb.

Common name: 


Conservation status: 

Critically Endangered (CR) according to IUCN Red List criteria.


Usually on lateritic plateaus with soil cover, along the margins of semi-evergreen forest; rarely on high-altitude hill slopes.

Key Uses: 

Ornamental, medicinal.

Known hazards: 

None known, although the bulbs of some other Crinum species, including some from India, are poisonous to both humans and livestock.


Genus: Crinum

About this species

Crinum brachynema was first imported into the UK from India by Messrs Loddiges of Hackney, who sent the bulbs on to William Herbert at Spofforth (North Yorkshire). Herbert subsequently described C. brachynema as a new species, in 1842. Crinum brachynema is restricted to Gujarat and Maharashtra States in western India, where its population is dwindling. Due to its narrow range of distribution and extreme rarity, it has been listed as Critically Endangered.


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