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Coffea pterocarpa (Madagascan wing-fruited coffee)

Coffea pterocarpa is a newly identified coffee species with distinctive winged berries.
Coffea pterocarpa winged fruits

Coffea pterocarpa

Species information

Scientific name: 

Coffea pterocarpa A.P.Davis & Rakotonas.

Common name: 

Madagascan wing-fruited coffee

Conservation status: 

Critically Endangered according to IUCN Red List criteria.


Seasonally dry, mixed deciduous-evergreen forest. On deep karst limestone (known in Madagascar as Tsingy) at 120 - 130 m above sea level.

Known hazards: 

None known.


Genus: Coffea

About this species

Coffea pterocarpa was re-discovered on a Kew expedition to Madagascar in 2000. Such expeditions are just one part of Kew’s important coffee research.

Coffee farming supports 20 million farming families in 50 countries, but commercial cultivars are already being influenced by climate change and associated issues. Kew is studying the effects of climate change on coffee and undertaking research to support wild coffee conservation.

Understanding and use of wild species could help commercial production and supply of coffee in the future, particularly in terms of combating pests and diseases and adaptation to environmental change.


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