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Allamanda cathartica (golden trumpet vine)

The golden trumpet vine has clusters of particularly striking golden-yellow flowers, which contrast with the shiny dark green leaves to make a lush plant for the conservatory.
Detail of an illustration of Allamanda cathartica

Detail of an illustration of Allamanda cathartica

Species information

Scientific name: 

Allamanda cathartica L.

Common name: 

golden trumpet vine

Conservation status: 

Not evaluated according to IUCN Red List criteria.


Near coasts, climbing through trees or shrubs in mangrove swamps and along lowland streams.

Key Uses: 

Ornamental, medicinal.

Known hazards: 

All parts are poisonous if eaten; its sap causes skin and eye irritation.


Genus: Allamanda

About this species

There are 15 species of Allamanda from South and Central America, named by Linnaeus in honour of the Swiss doctor and botanist, Dr Frédéric-Louis Allamand, who visited Guyana in the early 18th century. Allamandas have become popular in gardens throughout the tropics, where some species have become naturalised and even invasive. In temperate countries they are grown as greenhouse plants for their freely produced, brightly coloured flowers.


There are a number of synonyms for this species. View the World Checklist for details.


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